chinese language support for windows xp

By | 2010年10月3日


This article will teach you how to make a English version of windows XP to show Chinese correctly.


First,if you have a original windows xp install CD,insert it to your CD-ROM.Then open "My Computer" > "change a setting" > "switch to classic view" > "regional and language settings".Switch to language Tab,tick off “install files for East Asian languages” and press OK.After a short time,it will automatically finish.Then you have to restart your computer.


After restart,we still open to "regional and language settings".At first Tab's first drop down list,choose "Chinese (PRC)",then do the same thing to the third Tab.Now click OK,it will remind you to restart.


Now you will see 99 percent of Chinese show on your screen are correctly.If there are still have some applications show Chinese in unreadable code,you can use the Applocale made by Microsoft.It can be download here


But if you do not have an install CD,I have prepared another way to help you.

The only thing to do is that download the application here and install it,then restart your computer.So your system will show Chinese content correctly.PS.Do not forget to tick off "additional fonts".

If you think this article helped you in some ways,you can click a google ADs or two to make your donate.Thank you.

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